Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The HUNGER 9: Best Entertainment Gig in Town - Happy Halloween

Riley Mcmanus stars in The Hunger 9 as Edward Scissorhands in Definitely Superior Art Gallery's mega fundraiser.
One of the best-organized events in town, happening this Friday, is an example of how local business and the arts can collaborate to make memorable experiences for thousands of people while earning money for the host venues and raising money for the Definitely Superior Art Gallery, supporting its alternative art shows and youth programs.
     In its ninth year The Hunger has a couple new venues and expects to top a 4,250 mark for the number of attendees, some of who plan for weeks, even months in advance to design and fabricate their costumes.
     There are eight venues, Gargoyles, Black Pirates Pub, Crocks, A Little to the Left, The Read Lion Smokehouse, The Sovereign Room, The Foundry and the big “dancehall” called Hell, found through the side doors of the old Eaton’s building on Park St.
     Each person or group attending will be creating their own entertainment experience because much of the entertainment runs simultaneously in different venues. This gives you options. Director of the Definitely Superior Art Gallery, David Karasiewicz says, “It’s hard to express in terms people understand… everyone will walk away with their own story that they created for that night. They will have eight separate stories to tell, not including the stories in the streets between the venues which is something incredible on its own.”
    David describes the Hunger where its events are condensed into six hours, as bigger in terms of performance, than the largest weekend long music festivals that Thunder Bay has in the summer. With 56 performance acts and 44 bands, both local and from across the country, you have to make a little effort to pick which bands and acts you want to see, since you can’t see them all. And if you’re with friends, a little democracy or flip of the coin will be necessary. You may want to check out the DefSup Facebook page, “The Hunger 9” to make your choices. The cost is only $15.00 to access all eight venues, which you can pick up at any venue. You will get a Multi-Pass and Wristband.
     There were complaints last year that people couldn’t get into the smaller venues where lines were slow moving. Hell will be the easiest venue to access, as it is the biggest with 10,000 square feet of space. A trick is to go early and either plant yourself in one spot all night, which doesn’t take advantage of all that is offered, or roam all the venues and go for the ones that are easy to access first. Making a plan is great, but prepare to be versatile.
     This is a great time to check out Thunder Bay’s local bands. They go all out for their audience. In fact what any musician, or any performer loves is a big audience. The acts will go all out when the room is packed. So you will get a great opportunity to see talent at its best and boldest. 
     The biggest act of all, of course, is the audience. No matter where you go, even if you have to stand in line for a bit, you will be entertained. Prizes will be given out in the venues and in the street. Young people will go all out to have fun, join in, and in some cases, really impress with their creative costume. Costumed attendees will be everywhere.

     For older people, if you feel a little shy joining in and wearing a costume, which isn’t necessary, you may want to do a slow drive-by on Friday night. “Slow” because there will be students traipsing around in costumes, some with a little of the drink in them, and finding it difficult to see.

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