Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Whole Lotta Art Going On: Tour the Thunder Bay Art Scene

     Multiple requests have come in to cover art related activities; shows, moves, events and fundraising campaigns. So, we suggest that on a sunny summer day like today you spend the afternoon visiting our major galleries and see the works of many dozens of artists. Talk to their representatives to get the scoop and scope out your favourite works. 
     The Thunder Bay Art Gallery has four wonderful shows running till September 14. Local yet worldly, Julie Cosgrove has a show titled, Nowhere is a Place, which features large acrylic paintings that will sweep you up into them as she plays with “geographic concepts” mixing the familiar with the abstract. This work is a clever cross between Toni Onley’s spaciousness and the space/ time trip at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Geography, technology, and beautiful landscapes mix to tweak your imagination that will send you to a place that is either familiar or far out.
     PUSH: Contemporary Glassworks features nine artists who stepped out of their comfort zone and experimented with new approaches to working with glass. Done through a mentorship program the aim was not only to create stunningly original works, but to search for new paths and approaches to their work. The show celebrates that act as much as the individual pieces.
     The illustrious Benjamin Chee Chee’s collection of works features his more divergent traits for which we are not accustomed. This is a refreshing focus on the more experimental and playful abstract works where the subject matter is limited and the focus in on colour and form. Despite the lack of subject matter, there is an awful lot of movement and spirit to the pieces bringing them to life, as much as any depiction of an animal that we expect to see.

     From across Canada and representing Thunder Bay, are the works in Moving Metal, where thirteen silversmiths from across Canada display the skills inherited from pre-Confederation times to create vibrant and stunningly fresh little pieces that are definitely worth stealing. But don’t do it! The rest of Thunder Bay deserves to see what can be done within the apparent limitations of having only a six-inch sterling silver disc to work with.
     Put on your French beret! Bring your hipster beard. It’s time to head down to the Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s opening fiesta this Friday at 7pm for three shows.          
     The 26th Annual Members show will feature, as it always does, great variety. Professional and novice artists strut their brushes and will try to stretch your imagination with “eclectic and experimental works.”
     Then enter the art cave with Die Active Youth Collective celebrating its 6th year of stunning success. These young members are painting the walls of Gallery II. It’s sure to be a blast for the eyes and a cross of funk and charm with a little bit of the disturbing to add an edge to the work or works or whatever it is that spills out of their crazy minds. Bring your camera! You’ll want to take a selfie with a crazy cool backdrop.
     A series of video screenings will take place in Gallery 3 featuring three internationally prominent artists. The videos, art pieces in themselves, explore urban artists who play with new approaches and techniques. Videos like these bring an alternative world of art to the Thunder Bay scene.
     A stroll down to the Baggage Building at Prince Arthur’s Landing will bring you to the current show of the Lakehead Visual Art Group. They’re ganging up on local themes, diversifying their technique like never before and offering a variety of works that are both unique experiments and comfortable favourites. There are a number of striking pieces that will make you a fan. And you know that one wall in your living room that looks empty? You can always fill it with something by a local artist.
     Likewise, diversity is paramount at Gallery 33 on Court St. across from the Thai Kitchen. This large gallery with its penny floor offers up new work on a regular basis, featuring many beautiful landscapes, floral works, doe-eyed fairies, skeletons, figure and portrait works, collage, and on and on.
     And if you haven’t heard of the new development, which is a big change for Louise Thomas, owner of the Ahnisnabae Art Gallery, it is her move to the Picture Store on Red River Road, just down from the Waverly Library. First Nations Art is featured and beautifully displayed in a high salon fashion from floor to ceiling featuring established artists and new and upcoming artists. Louise is available from Tuesdays to Saturdays.
     Have a great arty summer!


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