Monday, 3 December 2012

The Hunger

Hell. That's where you have to go this Saturday. Go to Hell.

Hell is a venue at The Hunger, appropriately set in the basement of the Bay entrance on Park Avenue, just up from another type of hell, the casino.

Hell is one of seven venues and certainly the one to most easily manoeuvre with the extra floor space. And the competing venues will also be tightly packed with... (see collage image above)... you name it; zombies, vampires, gaming characters, muppets, vixens, Greek Gods, nurses, superheroes, tramps, creeps, a man carrying his own severed head, fairy tale characters, creatures, clowns, angels, fairies, mobsters, and on and on and on.

With well over two thousand attendees last year, and suspected greater numbers this year, there will be a veritable catalogue of costume creativity that will descend on Port Arthur. Even if you're not attending, it's worth a drive by. You know, the same kind of drive by that people do at Christmas to see what neighbourhood is willing to roll in barrels of money to Thunder Bay Hydro a couple weeks later. Take the kids! They will never forget it. But drive slowly. Some people can't see very easily through their masks. And if you go before 10pm there will be fewer inebriated students crossing the streets.

And if you plan to attend, wow! The number of bands and performances for a little city like ours is staggering, with 49 performance acts, 42 bands and DJs, along with raffles and prizes it will be a full night. The list can be found on the DEFSUP website:, and click on "events." And a bit of advice: don't come late! Refrain from the usual T.Bay attendance hour of 11pm. (Are you trying to save money on beer?)

But aside from the revelry, dancing, there is the opportunity (sorry for the short notice) to get creative with a costume. This is your chance to shine, or be completely invisible. Halloween is not only pomp and cheese, commercial and crass, appealing to children and the most flagrantly exhibitionist adults, Halloween accommodates the shy and reserved. What other event allows you to put on a costume, be totally unrecognisable  and allow you to dance like a wild person without anyone knowing it's you? Or conversely, stand in the corner and creepily watch everyone else do their thing? For these people, along with those who spent months working on their costumes, there is the feeling of accomplishment and the thrill of joining in en-mass with a community of creative people. Here is the chance to create and/or witness exhilarating moments that will last a lifetime.

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