Thursday, 19 January 2012

Derelicte 3 Fashion/Art Show: Walleye Magazine, Feb. 2011

Like falling through a layer cake of events, the fans and dedicated fashion followers, witnessed a body slam of wearable clothes, fabulous art, funky music and a good party when it hit the Black Pirate’s Pub. The artists outdid themselves this year, and the models got into the act, proudly displaying barely wearable non-functional self-imploding get-ups that make you happy to be alive, because life is still full of surprises.
     Just one of the many events organized by Renee T. and David K., the Derelecte 3 Fashion Odyssey rang in the New Year for a string of upcoming fundraisers and art shows for the Definitely Superior Art Gallery.
     The venue was packed. The audience feasted on fashions featuring teams from The Crafty Coccoon, The Craft Collective, Lux Boutique, The Loop, Red Earth Imports, and Creation Body Piercing. Much of these works were bright, stylish, and youth-orientated, including “wool and ‘faux fur’ Cowl,” drindle skirts, baskets, linen capelettes, bamboo cotton, silk, tassels, plaits, wrist cozies, embroidery, hoods, scarves, dresses and a cape. Some of these ensembles were warm for Winter wear, but most would kill the model if they attempted to walk it home that cold night.
      Pictures tell a thousand words, (see images), but not when it comes to movement. And the models and performers emboldened their acts with creative daring. Tanya Elchuk stood out. Dressed as a deer (Sarah Furlotte design), she mimicked Johnny Depp’s Captain Sparrow walk – as a drunken, or terribly confused, deer. It was so good, I forgot to raise my camera. And again when Tanya performed a burlesque piece as a lumberjack, disrobing to her undies, teddy bear, and tiny tassels. Duct tape was never used so well.
     Kathleen Baleja and Jelena Psenicnick modeled headwear made of wasp’s nests and feathers. They walked with poise and elegance in a bird like manner as if to pay homage to ancient avian rituals.
      Christian Chapman wanted to push his audience away, literally. His silver NASA float wormed its way to the stage with the help of Julia McArthur, somewhere in its centre. The silver cloud ballooned over the catwalk and into an appreciative audience.
      Helen Leaf Black and Carol Kajorinne, covered in body paint, wearing next to nothing and Helen’s amazing jewelry, came out from their animist world to perform a ritual dance of unknown origin. And with their brief performance comes the realization of the incredible work the artist’s costumes bear for the brief time they are displayed on stage.

      The night sped by. Four hours contracted with a wonderful balance of sight, sound, experimentation, improvisation, daring and humour. Here’s looking forward to the challenges the artists and designers have set themselves up for next year.

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